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For many games, software development and other work, a team has many members who may be located in different parts of the world, with each member having a specific role. To get the work done, the team members will have to communicate with each other. Often the communication contains confidential information, so many are interested in using a software which is extremely secure.

Teamspeak is a popular communication software which is developed to allow gamers and others to communicate with their team members securely and quickly, while ensuring that the conversation remains confidential.

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Teamspeak is a voice over IP (abbreviated as VoIP) software which is ideal for high security applications since it uses military grade encryption. For specific channels of communication, TS3, AES encryption can be enabled for the server to ensure privacy for the data transfer. One of the main advantages of using the software is that it offers excellent sound quality, ensuring that there is no confusion or misunderstanding. For greater clarity, there is a provision for adjusting the volume of the microphone, reduction in the background noise and cancelling any echo in the audio which is being transmitted.

One of the advantages of the software is that it is taking up less resources on the computer, so it will not slow it down. Additionally it also offers many options for control, the permissions can be adjusted as required for the different users of the software. The user can decide who will talk, who can join specific channels. Customers can download the software for free, and there is a thirty day money back guarantee with no questions asked. Live customer support is available, and the server is set up immediately. In case of any mistake, the user can restore the earlier settings if required. Inactive users can be moved to a designated channel.


VoIP Application

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